• Fees are to be paid weekly, monthly or at the beginning of each new half term. The cost of the fees for the new term are on the Parents notice board.


• Thank you for your support with the children's home work bags. The children really enjoy showing them to us - but please make sure your child is involved with what goes in them!


• Keep on filling out your childs WOW moments! We can include these with your childs progress record.


• Don't forget to keep us informed of any absences by text, phone or via Facebook.


• Can we remind all parents to send in healthy food in their children's lunchboxes. Grapes must be sliced long ways as these are a potential choking hazard. Please see a member of staff if you're stuck for ideas, or take a look here...


•Are you looking for support with childcare costs? The new childcare choices website makes it easy to find whats on offer. Use the Childcare calculator at:


Our artificial grassed area means we no longer need wellie boots to go outside and play. But don't forget warm named coats, hats and gloves so we can still get outside in the colder weather, and sun hats and suncream for the warmer weather!